We make all natural feeds. No animal by products, hormones, or antibiotics are used.

  • Yorktowne Feeds contain steam processed grains and supplement pellets.

  • Hoke Mills Feeds contain ground or crimpt grains, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

  • Customer Mixes are made to your formula.  Mixing charges apply.  500lb minimum.  We mix only ingredients we sell.  No outside ingredients are allowed in our mills.

  • Custom Grinding is done at Abbottstown and York mills when customers bring their own dry grain or ear corn for processing.

  • We manufacture and distribute bag and bulk feeds.

  • We provide delivery service.  Bagged feed is delivered on set delivery days based on your location.  Delivery charges apply but are waived for bulk dairy feed customers who get bagged feed.

  • We are dealers for ADM, Kent/Blue Seal, Hubbard, Chaffhaye, Red Dale, Manna Pro Calf Manna, Black Gold Performance Dog Food, Lizzie Mae Pigeon Feed, Calvita Milk Replacer, Katie O Cattle Tubs, and others.  We stock select feed from the above and also special order from ADM, Blue Seal, and Hubbard.

  • We stock dry dog and cat food and have great prices on economy, standard, and premium foods.


​Hoke Mills has over 700,000 bushels of grain storage.  We buy, sell, and process grain.  We purchase wet and dry corn, wheat, soybeans, barley, and oats.  WE USE LOCAL GRAINS in the feed we make.  We provide a grain bank (corn and barley) for our customers (minimum feed purchase per month required).  We steam flake, roast (soybeans), grind, and crimp grain.  We buy grain picked up at local farms.  Thank you to all farmers who sell us grain.  We are honored to have your support!

Farm Supplies

Both locations and our affiliated dealer in Thurmont, MD operate a store with good prices on:

  • Bagged feed and grain
  • Pet and bird feeds
  • Chaffhaye (alfalfa haylage in a bag)
  • Salt for animal feeding or water softeners
  • Minerals for animal feeding
  • Bagged wood shavings and wood bedding pellets
  • Coal for home heating
  • Seeds (lawn and pasture mix, timothy, clover, etc.)
  • Pulverized and hydrated lime
  • Supplement Tubs
  • Pet supplies
  • Mold inhibitors and silage inoculants
  • Equine dewormers and supplements
  • Animal health supplies
  • Fish food for ponds
  • Bagged fertilizer and pelletized lime
  • Poultry grit and oyster shells
  • Rodenticides
  • Shovels and brooms
  • Fences


​Hoke Mills sells northeast Pennsylvania coal in bags at all locations and bulk coal at our York coal yard (in existence since the early 1900's.)  We offer pickup or delivery (charges apply).  Anthracite coal burns fairly clean, supports the PA economy, and the coal companies we deal with like Blaschak do much to reclaim old environmentally bad mine sites.